Christian primary school

Long time before actual school team started the work, there were people, who prepared the building and documents and in 9th January, 2012 the kindergarten group started.

School director, Andis, says, that the main reason and task is to help and serve child to develop his spiritual and physical needs. Our town needs christian school - that's the need of whole society. I am doing this work to spread God's Word and God's Power and love. Day in primary school and pre-school group "Universum" begins with a morning circle, when the educator of children, helps children to enter the day's journey. Inviting children to voluntary, short morning prayer, where the children asks the blessing of the new day. Within a week together are thought of any single Bible verse that has to do with the overall learning process. Before meals we sing songs of thanksgiving, which helps the child to see that food is a gift, not a thing that is granted.